Monday, October 4, 2010

"Let the game begin-- CWG 2010"

Commonwealth Games, the most prominent extravaganza of present scenario. It has been announced long before in 2003 by the Commonwealth Games Federation, that India is selected to organize this event in 2010 and on October 3, 2010 it was started with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Though I know before start, the event is surrounded by many controversies, media has shown the real picture of the preparation, condition of the arrangements, and everybody is very well aware of politics which was there underneath CWG. The raise in predicted budget also shows the lack of planning and proper steps.

Besides of all these happening, the opening ceremony was spectacular, I must say. The ceremony clearly presents the pictures of traditional and cultural India in front of world.In the beginning the stadium was echoed by the beats of 1000 different kinds of Drummers performing simultaneously and synchronously which creates a resonating environment really enjoyed by everybody.Along with drummers there were puppets also which shows the tradition of Rajasthan.

In India, Guests are considered as equivalent to God, so it's not just an event or ceremony, it is an opportunity to express deep gratitude for us. It also includes colors of different traditional dancing styles of our country, importance of YOGA in human life, and presented the glory of Father of our Nation remarkably.

In my opinion it was up to the mark as concerned our culture, and I think there can't be any International Standards for such events as these as nation specific, every country has its own culture, they have all right to present in the way they prefer. And speaking about security, there must be no doubt, the event is followed by peace truly.Yes, this grand celebration is quite successful in erasing the bad memories of the past weeks and I hope best for India, I wish for maximum medals in India's hand.

Jiyo, Utho, Badho, Jeeto !!!


  1. yes...surly..
    The grand opening ceremony has started 12 days sports extravaganaza in new delhi. Mr. suresh
    kalmadi and his company finally came up after a long list of controvercies over mismangement,
    less facilities. Cultural heritage of india has been showcased in inauguration and in last but not the least A.R. Rahman presented the theme song of CWG. 65000-plus spectators ,6700-plus particpants, largest indian contingent with 619 sportpersons all this is very much exciting for me as an indian .
    we have four medals on the very first day of games so I hope that this time we would be able to bridge the meagre of medals . hope that thes CWG games be a turning point for the games in india -cricket crazy india.
    jiyo utho badho jeeto.. tera mera jahaan.
    Let's Go................

  2. I m totally agree with both of u ..
    And I wanna appreciate MANMATH for the decent blog and for ur extreme creative idea to implement this..

    An about CWG .
    Words are not enough to describe but in simple words.An unforgettable opening, forever ...