Saturday, October 2, 2010


I think today every Indian is very well aware of whats going in Ayodhya.
After a long period of 60 years, a dispute came to end. High Court have declared the verdict on 29th of September, 2010. The decision gave obeisance to both Lord Rama and Rahim, no doubt. Important thing to ponder here is that Two and a Half days has been passed since the decision and Indians have shown such a great respect to the decision. Every citizen of India was afraid of the situation which was there in 1992, and don't want it to happen again. Indian government is also so tensed about it that before decision it has covered the nation with troops, some prominent cities had been put to high alert. Normal livelihood is so much affected. And Indians have not only accepted the decision but also maintained harmony. This harmony, synchronization, brotherhood have slashed all the critics against our country. We have once again proved ourself that "We have unity in diversity irrespective of the situation".
Don't you think that it is quite similar to "Dream India" of our Father of Nation, what else he demanded from the citizens, he just asked for the peace and non-violence throughout his life. Though I know our past includes many of counter examples, but a sunshine is there only after a dark night.
I thought it could be best birthday present to "Mahatma Gandhi" at present scenario. I wish this remain forever


  1. All above congratulations to you .... that you managed to create a blog that I still not....
    ya.. pravailing peace even 4 after days of AYODHYA verdict shows that a new resurgent india has emerged.Verdict may not bring closure to the ayodhya dispute becoz still there is some disquiet among muslims saying that HC ruling hadn't condoned the demolition of Babari masjid or faith is given priority over facts.But one thing is sure that the verdict has provided a framework where further negotiation b/w communities can lead to a amicable settlement.
    may this social harmony ramain forever.
    Now we request to the politcians not to politicize the verdict and effect social cohesion.


  2. Congratulation for your first post.
    Nice Post Written brother!
    Atleast you came out and wrote something.

    This issue is very complicated and cannot be reached to a clear cut conclusion without offending all the parties involved.
    But yes it is a great feat in itself that riots didn't take place this time ,so far!

    Hope for the best!...

    All the best.Keep Writing.